Stadler Form is passionate about working on innovations for home appliances focusing on improving indoor air quality. Stadler Form appliances are among one of the best when it comes to form and functionality. In addition, each appliance is a valuable addition to the interior. VANMOKUM is involved in the import and distribution of Stadler Form.


Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity of the indoor air to an optimal level if it is too humid, helping asthma sufferers breathe more easily, preventing mould from forming and even drying washing.

Aroma Diffuser

Aroma diffusers effectively distribute essential oils and other fragrances in the air. Thanks to technologies such as ultrasonic nebulisation or evaporation, aroma diffusers create oases of well-being.


Hygrometers measure the relative humidity which is the ratio between the amount of water vapour in the air and the maximum possible amount that the air can absorb, depending on the current room temperature.


Humidifiers increase the relative humidity indoors. This should be between 40 % and 60 %. If the air is too dry, a humidifier will help you.

Fan heater

Fan heaters use wire or ceramic heating elements to generate heat which is then distributed by means of an integrated fan. They can heat a chosen area or larger space, depending on the fan heater in each case. Enjoy the warm air on cold days without having to worry.


A fan creates wind by circulating the indoor air. That wind has a pleasant cooling effect on our skin.The fans from Stadler Form provide the refreshment you need, however hot it might get.

Air washer 2 in 1

Air washers are 2-in-1 devices. They are a combination of humidifier and air purifier in one, creating an ideal indoor climate when the indoor air is dry and polluted. During humidification, pollutants are washed from the air and only clean, optimally humidified air is emitted back into the room at the same time.

Air purifier

Air purifiers filter the air and free it from particles, pollen, viruses and other pollutants. The air purifier systems clean the room air and provide more well-being. If the air purifier also has an activated carbon filter, unpleasant odours, volatile organic compounds and other gases will also be removed.


The humidifier accessoiries, aroma diffuser scents. All different kinds of accessories for the different Stadler Form products.

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